About HeartLove Place


With a heart of love; teach, encourage, and support families through programs and services centered in Christian values.

About HeartLove Place

HeartLove Place connects communities through Christ to empower individuals, motivate families, and build stronger neighborhoods. We integrate the ideals of self-help, motivation, and empowerment, and physical and spiritual support in order to do more than just provide a service or render a program — HeartLove Place is a conduit for the kind of lasting change needed to profoundly impact lives.



A community transformed by Christian values.


HeartLove Place is a nonprofit that was established in 1989, through the ministry of dedicated individuals who recognized the huge challenges facing Milwaukee’s low-income population. Fractured families, unemployment, struggling schools, increasing crime, and teen pregnancy plagued our urban families and youth. To overcome these challenges, the leadership of HeartLove Place relied upon Christian principles and teaching to uplift individuals and communities within the Greater Milwaukee area.

Core Area of Focus

  • Spiritual Development - Connecting families with Christ.
  • Educational Development - Supporting families through training and self-improvement.
  • Creative Development - Connecting people with their purpose.
  • Social Development - Connecting families.
  • Wellness - Connecting families to healthy life choices.



  • Provide services and programming to all community residents who request them.
  • Encourage collaboration between public and private agencies to supply needed services.
  • Strengthen families through education, quality services, and access to resources.
  • Illustrate compassion through Christian principles without passing judgment.



Your donation to HeartLove Place will help families and children in need living in the Greater Milwaukee area. Supporting HeartLove Place is easy and can be done in a variety of ways. Make a donation today!

Prayer Request

HeartLove Place is a community of Christian believers who pray and love for each other. Please take the time to submit a prayer request.
Our services include Family Resource Center, Job Training, and Food Services. We make it easy to Volunteer, Donate, and Partner with HeartLove Place. Contact us today!